Voice Transit A-Z

Direct Routing is the most attractive product for carriers with both retail and wholesale customers. It consists with only direct wholesale vendors to attractive destinations throughout Adriatic, Balkan, CIS, Middle East, African, American and Asian regions.

Platinum A-Z Routing provides uncompromised quality for carriers with the most demanding retail audience at competetive market rates. It provides the highest possible quality. In most cases, calls are routed directly to the appropriate in-country Tier 1 operator. CLI feature and fax transmission are also supported.

Gold A-Z Routing is ideal for carriers that require high quality termination for their retail customers at competetive market rates. All destinations terminate via stable, high quality providers. CLI is supported in most destinations.

Silver A-Z Routing offers the best trade off between quality/price ratio. It was built for carriers with retail customers that require stable quality with aggressive market pricing.